Expert Aging-in-Place Remodeling Services for Homeowners in Casper, WY

Like many people, you might want to remain within the familiar comforts of your home in Casper, Wyoming, as you grow older. If so, the aging-in-place remodeling specialists at Caliber Home Solutions can develop a tailored plan to help you do just that. With a few well-planned, age-friendly modifications, we can create a safe and comfortable setting where you enjoy your later years in style.

Why Is the Demand for Aging-in-Place Remodeling on the Rise?

Either by choice or by default, the option to age in place is becoming more popular among retirees. The costs associated with assisted living have been steadily increasing, and this trend can only be expected to continue as the demand for such facilities goes up. With baby boomers aging and living longer, there are now more seniors living at home than ever before, while the number of available caregivers is correspondingly on the decline. All things considered, if you prepare in advance, aging-in-place remodeling can be a much less expensive—and much more satisfying—alternative to moving into an assisted living facility.

What Does Aging-in-Place Remodeling Involve?

The right physical environment can go along way toward creating a rewarding aging-in-place experience. Consider that the risk of falling poses one of the most significant threats to the health and independence of elderly adults. To make your home more easily navigable for your “future self,” a priority of your aging-in-place remodeling project should be to help prevent falls. The trusted aging-in-place contractors at Caliber Home Solutions can help you start making the necessary home renovations at anytime. For instance, you might consider installing a:

·       Walk-in tub

·       Walk-in shower

·       Stairlift system

·       Elevator lift

·       Wheelchair lift

The team at Caliber Home Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to complete home accessibility modifications of any size or scope. And while we take great pride in performing aging-in-place remodeling, we help homeowners of all ages enhance the functionality and beauty of their home.

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Why Choose Caliber Home Solutions?

At Caliber Home Solutions, we have more than 20 years of experience as an aging-in-place remodeler and have helped countless homeowners maintain their independence.

Quality Products

We’ve curated a selection of top-of-the-line home lift systems and bathroom remodeling products that are guaranteed to provide lasting performance.

Extensive Experience

Founded in 1999, Caliber Home Solutions has earned the trust of homeowners in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Personalized Service

We are committed to providing an enjoyable remodeling experience and delivering results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Fast Installations

In most cases, we can install our products in just one or two days, so you can begin enjoying a safer and more accessible home as soon as possible.

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